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Tulane Honors Program

Thursday, December 07, 2006

FREE FOOD for those long study hours

Dear Students,
Study Period begins this weekend through Monday and we in the office would like to nourish your bodies as you are filling your minds with knowledge and wisdom!

On Monday afternoon we are offering a true New Orleanian food fest, brought to you from the Gumbo Shop. Beginning at 11:30 on Monday, December 11 in Butler Lounge, we will be serving a hot meal including:

Vegetarian red beans & rice
Chicken enchilada casserole

Caesar Salad

Bread pudding with whiskey sauce

YUMMMMMM!!!! Feel free to stop by and grab some food and head back to your room. Or if you feel like a longer break, stick around to chat, laugh, and grab a second serving!

See you then,
Dr. M.