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Tulane Honors Program

Friday, October 20, 2006

Taking stock

It was a busy week with lots of great events and fabulous participation on the part of Honors students.

Once again our round table was a success, in large part because of the vocal participation of so many of you. You impress every faculty member who walks into Butler lounge with your ease in asking questions and your intellectual curiosity!

On the Sophie B Wright front, we are moving forward with our various activities geared toward helping the teaching faculty there provide students with many rich learning opportunities. Both the Vice Principal and the primary science teacher met with us this week to start setting up first a Science Club and then a Science Fair – the first ever at Sophie B. Wright. Thanks so much for those who turned out for the meeting. We hope that there are many more of you who will come forward to participate. It will take a large and committed group to help these students learn basic science skills and create large-scale projects, but the rewards will certainly be worth the hard work. In addition, Neil Conrad has started introducing debate skills to SB Wright students and Steven Sullivan is getting materials together as we speak to begin work on his Senior Honors Project – a mural at SB Wright. One thing is certain: the Honors Program has an exciting and positive role in the education of those middle school students! Don’t miss being a part of the experience.

Honors course offerings have been coming in to the office on a daily basis this week and I’m certain that you will all be thrilled with the choices. We have some of the very best faculty on campus dedicated to working with you in the spring and their courses are without question among the most exciting offerings available. You can see many of the titles of these courses on the registrar’s website (check under Newcomb-Tulane/Honors Courses), but in the coming weeks, we will provide detailed summaries of the Honors course offerings on our website for your benefit. So keep a look out!

Dr. M.


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