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Tulane Honors Program

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Dear Freshmen,
Please take time to look over the outstanding class offering -- COLQ 101-01 Ways to Know (TR 9:30-10:45) -- a course offered exclusively for Honors freshmen. This course will give you an opportunity to meet and work directly with five of the most respected faculty from across campus AND your new peers. Each faculty member will introduce you to the different methods used in various disciplines (Math, Sociology, History, French, and Physics) to approach intellectual problems. The class not only promises insight into how scholars think and go about doing research, but it offers you the rare chance of synthesizing these approaches to create your own unique method of analysis. What better way to begin your university experience than with a seminar that introduces you to five scholars from five disciplines discussing with you five distinctive perspectives!
If you plan to register for the course or have questions, please contact me directly via email (dmcgrad@tulane.edu) before Tuesday, August 22.
Dr. M.


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