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Tulane Honors Program

Friday, July 07, 2006

Registering for Courses & Orientation

Freshmen Registration starts next week, July 11. Be sure to check TOUR for your specific registration date and time for the Fall semester. The Honors Courses offered for this fall are on the Registrar's website. You may not find an Honors course listed that appeals to you but Don't Panic®, more courses are being added. So please be sure to check back regularly, even after you have registered, to see if another H course that you might want has been offered.
Don't forget, Honors Option is still available for courses at any level. 600 level courses also often count as Honors courses. Email me if you are unsure.

New Courses Added:

HISU 694: Black and White Women in Early America
will be taught by Emeritus Professor Sylvia Frey. This is an upper level course, so it is unlikely to be suitable for a freshmen, but you upperclassmen (especially History majors!) should give it serious consideration.

For the Freshmen, be sure to check out

COLQ 101-01 Ways to Know
. This is a colloquium of five (5!) of our best faculty from various disciplines (Math, Sociology, History, French, and Physics) who will lead you in considering "What does it mean to know?" (Rather appropriate for college, don't you think?) Each will explore the concept of knowledge in their respective disciplines. A great way to being the intellectual pursuit that is higher education!
UPDATE: Dr. Kalka has provided us with a description and syllabus of the Ways to Know course! Thank yuo Dr. Kalka!

Plans for Orientation are in place and their website is a great resource. Be sure to check out the "Summer Must Do" list and their "Tips and Checklist." The schedule of events is up as a Word.doc as well.

We will have our annual Honors Tie Dye Party on Sunday evening, August 27th at 8 pm in the quad behind Butler House. Be sure to be there! We will provide the t-shirt (but be careful not to get the dye on the clothes you wear).


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