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Tulane Honors Program

Friday, June 09, 2006

Big News! New Toys in Butler House

I don't have all the details but HRL has a coup for Butlerites! Popular Mechanics Magazine is giving Butler House a complete new system (sound, flat screen, X-box, etc.) for the first floor lounge! Stay tuned for details...

UPDATE: I think they are already installing the TV, but the big install will be on Monday and Tuesday. This is a very generous gift from PM, so much so, that we are still not sure exactly how much and what they are giving us! Now...back to studying for class. :-)

UPDATE 2: Here is the scoop!
Everyone –

Popular Mechanics magazine has graciously coordinated the donation of a great deal of electronic equipment and even some fun tasso coffee makers as well. On Monday, the editor and photo editor will arrive and oversee installation by our student work crew of all of the equipment. If any students are around Monday afternoon, evening and throughout Tuesday, the editors would love the opportunity to interview them, get their feedback on the products from the student’s perspective. I don’t have the full list, but it includes a computer and printer, an XBOX, new LCD Aquos TV, and on and on… There are duplicates of some items that, after the photos and interview is over, we’ll likely disberse to other areas for use by staff. For example, Canon donated a digital camera that will become “staff” property for use by staff (and students!) during the year – we obviously won’t leave that at the desk for general check-out, but it can come in handy!

That said, if you all could spread the word and as the editors arrive on Monday, I’ll be contacting some of you to corral some students!


Marty Brantley
Director of Housing Services


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