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Tulane Honors Program

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Honors Thesis Defense

Many of our seniors are now defending their theses. Congratulations to you all! A couple of quick points that will make the administrative process go more smoothly.

At your defense be sure to:
  1. Bring a copy of your final title page on 100% cotton, white paper so that all your examiners can sign it (and save you from running around later).

  2. Have your 3rd reader bring the Oral Exam form back to the Honors office (105 H├ębert Hall). We must have this form in order to certify you for graduation! The form can be found here, it is inside the folder.

A bit of advice. Be professional and take this seriously, but don't get too uptight! So wear nice clothes (that you are comfortable in), get some decent sleep before hand, and greet each professor with respect. Usually you will provide a brief summary of your research and conclusions. Be ready to provide the summary and answer their questions honestly and directly. If you do not know something simply admit it! Finally, try and enjoy the process. We are all proud of you and glad to be a part of the crowning achievement of your college career.

Congratulations seniors!


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