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Friday, March 31, 2006

Noam on Norms

Last night we had a fair attendance (where were the rest of you! ;-) for Noam Scheiber's talk on Rules, Norms, & Politics in the Bush Era. Many students asked if Noam had written anything on the topic and he has kindly provided some links.
Here are a couple of pieces that might be worth checking out if people want to see some of my stuff about the GOP and norms. the first one is about duke cunningham and tom delay. the second one is about the john bolton nomination for UN ambassador -- i get into the norms thing toward the end. the third was written by my colleague, jonathan chait. it's one of his early takes on the bush administration's exploitation of media norms....

The first piece is here and requires a free subscription. The second story is aptly titled Norm! and is available here. Finally, I will summarize and quote the last article later this weekend when I have time (it is not available online) but here is the teaser:
MARCH 19, 2001
BYLINE: Jonathan Chait
The Bushies snooker the Times on taxes.
Imagine the president pardoned a wealthy criminal--let's call him "Mr. Rich" --who had written two $500,000 checks, one to the president's campaign and the other to his party. Critics accuse the president of selling pardons. The president's spokesman indignantly denies that Mr. Rich donated $1 million but refuses to say how much he did give. When pressed, the spokesman finally insists that Mr. Rich actually donated only $500,000--a figure he arrives at by simply ignoring the existence of the second check.

No president could get away with such an obvious falsehood, right? Well, it depends on the nature of the lie.

Would any of you who attended like to offer a summary or comments on Noam's talk? Please feel free to do so!


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