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Tulane Honors Program

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What Sets Tulane Honors Apart

I have been asked many times what sets our program apart from others so I thought a blog on the topic might be appropriate.

Our Honors Program at Tulane is (as I like to say) an “Enhanced Educational Experience”, or E3. (Catchy, don’t you think? ;-) At Tulane your fellow classmates, regardless of Honors status, are all very successful academically so we do not separate and segregate our Honors students. Instead our program is directed at enhancing the already excellent education experience you will have at Tulane. There are three primary ways we offer you the opportunity to expand your curriculum.

1) Honors Courses – each semester there are 40-60 different courses across the disciplines and levels that are offered as Honors courses. This means that no more than 20 students will be in the class and our best regular faculty teach the course.

2) Honors Option – The Honors Option allows you to customize your Honors curriculum. H courses (above) may not fit into your schedule and, especially at the higher level, you may not find an H course in your discipline. With Honors option you can add an honors component to any upper level course.

3) Independent Studies – If there is a topic of interest to you but no course is available you and there is a faculty member willing to guide your research you may enroll for an Independent Study at the 400 level.

With the new structure of Tulane University all undergraduates in any school will be able to participate in the Honors program. So join us and go as far as you like, customizing your own Honors curriculum!


  • I'm a big fan of the Tulane Honors program. Granted, I haven't experienced others, but from what I've heard from other schools, the honors program at Tulane definitely makes the experience. And of course, the dean of the honors program is the wittiest in the land ;). Certainly the most technologically savvy.

    By Anonymous Shylie, at 4:15 PM  

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