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Tulane Honors Program

Monday, January 09, 2006

What to expect, when your expecting...

Everyone here on campus is working very hard to get things ready for your return this week! There is fresh paint on fresh walls, above fresh carpet, etc. I want to be honest with you and give you a sense of what to expect. You will see many homes with blue tarps on their roofs and as you drive in, depending upon your route, you may come through areas with lots of debris still being piled up in front of homes and on the neutral ground, that slip of land between streets. This is all a sign of life, since if that refuse wasn't being brought out of the homes it would mean they are rotting from within. (In some areas such as Gentilly and the Ninth ward people have not really been able to even begin their clean out.) I tell you all of this so that you are prepared for what you might see. On campus things are looking very good.

There is still work being done and more to do, but the buildings are looking very good and the campus is being readied for your return! Butler House, for example, looks better than it has in years! The downstairs has been completely redone and painted, new carpet in the lounge and we will be getting new furniture and.... a new plasma TV! :-) But... not all of the furniture and fixture may be here when you arrive. Your rooms are of course complete and there will be seating in the lounges and so on; we just may have to wait a week or so (not much more I am told) for the new stuff to get here.

UPDATE: The furniture is in! Along with about 60 mattresses. Butler lounge is looking very nice. (We have to wait until the summer for the kitchens to be renovated, but we will get there. :-)

We are also hard at work planning for this semester. Tonight I am having dinner with the RAs, Saturday we have the tie-dye party for incoming Honors freshmen with the Zoo playing, Sunday night my wife and I will be at a parent's reception at the Zoo (the one with animals) and we are hammering out a schedule of weekly Honors Round Table speakers. I will be joining folks for lunches in Bruff and my family will join us for dinner once a week or so.

So hurry back! We are eager to see you and are ready to start the new year!


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