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Tulane Honors Program

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sophie B. Wright Middle School

I am very proud to announce that the Tulane Honors Program has forged a long term (read: indefinite) relationship with Sophie B. Wright Middle School. Mrs. Jenkins and I met with Mrs. Monica Ponoroff (Director of "For the Children" a Tulane community outreach literacy program) and Ms. Elaine Lewis, Language Arts teacher at Sophie B. to discuss their needs and opportunities.

Starting immediately we will be looking for students to tutor, give classroom aid, play guitar, and help organize their library. Now the specifics:

Math/Science tutors (remember, these kids are grades 4-8, even English majors can do this math!)
We need 4 Tulane students Mon-Thur for the morning (9-12) and 4 students for the afternoon (1-3). You do NOT need to do every day! We can use as many as 32 students, each one taking one three hour shift a week. In other-words, if you can only make Monday from 1-3 great! Sign up in our office.

Science & Social Science Fair
5 students per fair. These students would work with a particular teacher and their students at their own schedule to develop projects that the students would present at a Fair. We are hoping for two separate fairs later in the spring.

We are looking for a few students who play instruments (guitars, but also band instruments) to come occasionally and play for the students, providing them with an example and encouragement to play themselves. This is a chance for Marching Band to shine! :-)

2 students per shift (9-12/ 12:30-3) Monday thru Thursday (a total of 16 students/week) to assist the computer teacher.

A library in Nantucket that would like to partner with a library in New Orleans and that partner will be Sophie B. Wright Middle School. So anyone interested in putting together a library please come see us and we will provide the contact name.

Reading Project
We will also be coordinating a reading project with Tulane's Service Learning so stay tuned for more information on that later.
All of these opportunities are very exciting for you as a Tulane student and for the rebuilding of New Orleans. Let's start these children off on the best foot possible for the future!!

Sophie B. Wright Middle School is on the corner of Prytania and Napoleon Ave. The city bus is running (no cost) and there will be a service learning van available. (Times to be announced.)

I realize you will have LOTS of questions so please feel free to emailMrs. Jenkins and get on board!


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