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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oxford Students Required to Sign Contracts

Students forced to sign 'I'll try harder' contracts
By Jonathan Richards and Tony Halpin
OXFORD is to become the first university in Britain to protect itself from litigious students by introducing legally-binding contracts requiring them to attend lectures.
Students admitted to Oxford this autumn will have to sign the document, seen by The Times, which states that they must “pursue such studies as are required of you by any tutor, fellow or lecturer, or other qualified person assigned by the College to teach you”.

This includes “activities such as practicals, the completion of written work, attendance in tutorials and classes and lectures, and the sitting of University and internal College examinations”.

The contract only commits a college to “make such teaching provision for undergraduate students as it reasonably decides is necessary for their courses of study”. This “may” include tutorials, classes and seminars.

Oh my. Have we come to this? In my day in Oxford... OK. Well, being a graduate student I didn't actually have to attend lectures. I wanted to attend them. Call me a geek. Geek. There, I did it for you. Now, get back to class before you are found in breach of contract.


  • This is ridiculous. Students should be self motivated at the collegiate level. You cannot "force" them to learn. Whatever happened to the great Classical Liberalism of Oxford?

    By Anonymous Stephen Richer, at 11:35 AM  

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