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Tulane Honors Program

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Zoo

You can listen to some of the Zoo's music at Trevor Jones' site. He is the lead git-fiddle. They are, imho, outstanding.

Welcome Back!

The following is from the email I sent to all students currently registered as H students. Check your TU email account. If you did not receive the email and you think you should have let me know and I will make sure you are on the list!

Greetings from Tulane!

This is the first email on the new Honors listserv and you are receiving this because you are currently listed as an Honors student. I hope this message finds you well and excited about returning to Tulane. It has been a long and difficult semester for all of us. I hope that through it all it has been a growing time for you.

The Honors Program is back on campus and Ms. Maxine, Ms. Louise, and I are in the office ready to welcome you back and help! Now for some announcements and general housekeeping. Remember! Always check the blog for the latest information. Many of the links below go directly to blog posts. Tulane Honors Blog

HONORS COURSES: The total number of H courses are fewer this semester, but that will change in the fall! In the meantime, please consider adding an honors option to a course for which you are currently registered. See the details here.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Many of you have already expressed a desire to help rebuild New Orleans. We met today with the folks from Service Learning and we are considering ways to help in the community. One possibility is to adopt a local school and have work days (one day commitments doing things like painting, building playground equipment, etc.) and regular tutorials. Please be thinking about how you might like to participate!

STUDENT HONORS COMMITTEE: We will be forming a new student Honors Committee that will meet with the faculty committee, coordinate social and service events (see above), and offer us guidance on what YOU would like to have in the Honors Program. If you are interested in serving on this committee please send me an email! We would like to have 2 from each class (year).

SENIORS: THESIS & GRADUATION Be sure to check out the details about the requirements for your thesis and graduation here.

FRESHMEN: The TIE DYE PARTY is on! The shirts survived the storm (the dye did not; I can just imagine what the Balfor people thought when they walked into the dorm kitchen with over 100 condiment bottles filled with dye!) and our party is scheduled for SATURDAY Jan. 14th at 5:30pm next to Butler. Our own band The Zoo will be playing!

I look forward to seeing you all in January! Have a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!



Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tulane University Holiday Card 2005

Dr. Cowen's Holiday Card.

I also want to wish you all the very best in this holiday time and time of change. Some of you will not be returning to Tulane and you will be missed. We will be a poorer place without you. To those who are returning, we are eager for your return and excited to move onward and upward!


Dr. B.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Round Table Topics

Most of you know that every week during the semester we have a Round Table discussion in Butler House (the Honors dorm). These are usually faculty members from various disciplines who come and talk (briefly!) about their field and then open up for discussion. It is a great way to get to meet faculty in a smaller and more relaxed environment (food!). We will do that this semester and I would to ask that you please post in the Comments your suggestions for faculty and/or topics that you would like to discuss at these Round Tables. Remember! It is open to everyone.

But of course... I imagine that you all would also like to discuss the changes at Tulane. Who (aside from President Cowen, although I won't rule that out) would you like to hear from? For example, perhaps one of the Newcomb advisors? Or the Tulane College Dean? Please let me know that as well.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Survival to Renewal: Tulane University

I am still reading over the material and will receive a briefing this afternoon. Honors will continue and be central to the new Undergraduate College. Read carefully and know that we will continue to support you at Tulane!

I will offer a few key points for the time being:

  • The short of all of this is that nothing will change for next semester. You will continue to be advised through Newcomb and/or Tulane College (or through Engineering or Architecture).

  • For the majority of you there will be little impact at all. Since you are already students your graduation requirements will not change. UPDATE: I have been rightly corrected. By "little impact" I refer to the academic aspect of your Tulane career. The loss of Newcomb and Tulane Colleges will have an impact on our lives and we will have to all work together to make it a positive change.

  • Those of you who are in Engineering programs that have been eliminated note the following paragraph:
    Students in affected programs will have the opportunity to continue their studies at Tulane if they can finish degree requirements by May 2007. Otherwise, they can be reassigned to another program or they will be offered assistance in transferring to another institution.

  • Finally, the Honors Program will continue to exist and will be fully integrated into all undergraduate schools.
  • Friday, December 02, 2005

    Big Speakers for Next Semester

    Today's Tulane Talk from Dr. Cowen announces some exciting guests at Tulane next semester. The Honors Program is also going to be working to invite relevant and interesting speakers for the spring. Stay tuned!
    Good Morning:

    Tulane students, 86 percent of whom have already registered for the upcoming spring semester, (down just slightly from our normal return rate of 90 percent for registration at this time last year) aren?t the only ones who are coming back to New rleans next month. World-renowned trumpeter, and New Orleans native Wynton Marsalis, will appear on Tulane?s campus on Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 16, to help celebrate the reopening of Tulane, Xavier, Dillard and Loyola universities.

    Another New Orleans native, ABC and NPR political and news analyst Cokie Roberts, will also speak at Tulane in April.

    Wynton and Cokie are the first in an ongoing series of high-powered speakers who will appear at Tulane, Xavier, Dillard or Loyola universities in the coming months. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Ford will join this series on March 16. As additional speakers confirm their appearances, I will let you know. These appearances are made possible through the efforts of the Aspen Institute and its president Walter Isaacson, a member of the Board of Tulane.

    This speaker?s series is just one of the many indications that New Orleans? universities will be the most exciting places in the country in 2006 as students, faculty, staff and a host of nationally known leaders do their part to help rebuild one of the world's greatest cities.

    Have a great weekend,