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Tulane Honors Program

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Student Information

I am on campus at this moment, after a town hall meeting with students who are checking on their belongings. One point that came up is that many students (and parents) are finding it hard to get around the Tulane website. Understandable. ;-) So here is my bit to help:

All the student information is here. On the left hand side you will see a table of contents. Be sure to make your way down through all the topics. There are some important online forms for you to fill out, if you haven't already (housing, student organizations, etc.)

Registrar: The Registrar's site is here (which is the old address and should not change in the future). This site has all the info you need about registering for classes, checking schedules, school calendar, etc.

I hope this helps, even if only a little.


  • Are there any updated numbers that were given at today's meeting (compared to last weekend), in terms of number of students officially withdrawn or faculty not returning?

    Just curious because I'm hearing that more faculty may not be returning than orginally thought...even tenured professors...or could they be talking about next fall?

    We left Tulane feeling very optimistic last weekend. However, we've heard from a number of people this week who are NOT planning to return after seeing course offerings (I don't understand why that would have been a factor in leaving...they look good to us); cruise ship/housing options for faculty and off-campus (people saying it's too far from campus, won't be conducive to studying, etc) and fearful that ultimately Tulane may not have the faculty and student support needed to be viable in January '06. We're wondering if this is being expressed more since campus has been opened and housing options have been revealed? We've heard from over 10 people NOT returning (and we're freshmen who don't even know very many). Makes us kinda nervous 'cuz we want to come back and haven't made any alternative plans. We're trusting you, the admin, and Dr. Cowen as we have all along. Please be forthright and honest with us.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:11 PM  

  • Thank you for your comment. I have been and always will be honest with you and I appreciate your trust. The truth is, as you heard last weekend from Dr. Cowen, we cannot know how many definitively will not be back. Of a survey of 1700 freshmen (these are the numbers Dr. C shared with us today) a handful, 65 if I remember correctly, have said they will not return. He said 95 are on the cusp. Yet we know many are still struggling with the decision and we understand that. Especially for you freshmen. Many of you are in very good situations right now and the thought of uprooting yourself one more time is daunting. I understand that and no one here will twist your arm, browbeat you, or pressure you into returning to Tulane. I can tell you with great confidence that we will be as good and in many ways better than ever.

    Why? Because the faculty are returning and so are our best students. Dr. C announced today that out of ALL of our faculty, which is 300+ in LAS alone, only 2 have tendered their resignation. The same excellent faculty will be here in early January and are already preparing their syllabi. One side-effect of the financial situation is that without adjunct faculty you all will be taught be regular faculty members almost exclusively. You will have even more interaction and attention given to you by our regular, full time faculty than ever before, and we were already a school that leads in providing faculty-student interaction. If you are concerned about faculty returning, remember that this is our home too. Most of us have been here many years and have set down our own roots and established are families. We want to see Tulane, New Orleans, and the entire region flourish as much as anyone else. (And let's be honest, even if we wanted to leave there aren't exactly lots of jobs out there for most of us academic-types. ;-)

    Yes, I believe many freshmen will not return in January. I DO believe that a very large percentage (I would guess 82-88 percent, but that is just a guess) will return. The incoming class was 1700 students. That was 100 more than we were supposed to take in originally. In years past our average was 1450, so even if we lose 300 students from the freshmen class our dorms and classrooms will still be full of 1400 students on campus.

    Bottom Line: It will be different. How could it not be? We all remember how different things were after Sept. 11, 2001. We are all different as a result. Yet any New Yorker will tell you that it has had a very positive impact on their identity as a city and a community. They came together and helped one another and that kind of goodness and care in times of strife leaves a permanent mark of the holy kind. Now it is our turn. The community at Tulane will still be a college campus; we will have classes and parties, exams and The Boot (which is open), and there will be all the usual joys and sorrows of college life. But we are also going to be a much tighter knit community, smaller in size, better in academics, and stronger in spirit.

    The phrase we use for TIDE (the Freshman Tulane Interdisciplinary Experience) is "Living to learn and learning to live." If you return to Tulane you will learn how to live. I promise you that!

    By Blogger Cb, at 8:45 PM  

  • Thank you so very, very much. My entire family appreciates your remarks, commitment and concern. We look forward to January with a lot of excitement albeit mixed with a little anxiety.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:44 AM  

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