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Tulane Honors Program

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Few Pictures of Progress

While on campus today I took a few pictures for those of you who cannot come to get a sense of what is taking place. Here are just three. The first two are from Butler. One positive result of the flooding is that many dorms that were not slated for renovation in the near future are being given a new first floor! Here is the entrance hall to Butler:

And here is the Butler lounge. Sadly, our brand new pool table and ping pong table were destroyed. BUT we will be getting a new plasma TV! :-)

Finally, I happen to live near the owner of our PJs stores (he owns the one near my house in Covington). He tells me that while the Willow PJs has been gutted Stern (below) is fine and that both will be up and running by the time we all get back on campus. None to soon! If students run on trips to The Boot and Dominoes faculty run on coffee from PJs.


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