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Tulane Honors Program

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nagin announces free wireless Internet system launched

Wow! This is a small thing in many ways, but in other ways it is far reaching, far sighted, and exactly the kind of thinking that we need to reinvent NO. Making wireless internet will still not put computers in the hands of those who can't afford them, but it does mean that with as little as $500 or so anyone can get onto the internet. Perhaps the digital divide, and with it the education divide, will now diminish a bit.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I realize that for many it is a time spent away from home and even away from family. This is perhaps not so true for our students, but many faculty and staff had their homes ruined and this is a difficult time. Still.

The weekend before Thanksgiving is always the conference for the Society of Biblical Literature and this year it was in Philly, close to my in-laws. I spent most of my time, at the conference and with family, explaining and showing how New Orleans was and is and talking about what it will be. Perhaps the most telling response was when I told people that even on the north shore where things were able to return to normal more quickly Wal-Mart is still only open from 7-7. This seemed to hit home to folks more than anything else. I don't think that is a good sign for our society, but whatever it takes to get the message across.

That being said, things are going well on campus and in the parts of New Orleans that are able to recover and where our students tend to be; Uptown, Downtown (CBD, the Quarter), and all along St. Charles. We will be returning (the Powers That Be willing) to our offices on Thursday. Our hours there will be limited so email is still the best way to contact me.

I hope and pray that you all will be able to enjoy your holidays and return to New Orleans in January! In the meantime, below are some pictures of my family playing on Thanksgiving Day at Rehoboth Beach (home of the aforementioned in-laws) and if you like traditional Christmas music with a twist, might I suggest these three (free) albums to download from one Sufjan Stevens. For those who like a combination of kitsch, Chanukah, and Santa, there is always the excellent Hebrew Hammer. The Easily Offended should not watch, otherwise you will enjoy it immensely! (Much better, IMHO, than Eight Crazy Nights, although I like Sandler's song very much :-).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Import Student Account Information

Updated 11/15/05. Be sure to check it out.

Also, updated Housing information at http://www.tulane.edu/housing2.html.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Registering for Classes - Honors Option

A reminder that while we encourage you to take an Honors course each semester we do NOT require it. As noted in the link above we do not have many H courses offered this semester because of circumstances but we encourage you to use the Honors Option to make any course you are taking an Honors course. You do not need to register for Honors Option until you arrive on campus.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

TIDES - Religion, Politics, & The Media

Some of you will be taking my TIDE (linked above). This is the blog I had set up this fall for us to read current events together. I thought some might find it interesting and I haven't been able to resist linking to a few interesting bits over our "break."

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Few Pictures of Progress

While on campus today I took a few pictures for those of you who cannot come to get a sense of what is taking place. Here are just three. The first two are from Butler. One positive result of the flooding is that many dorms that were not slated for renovation in the near future are being given a new first floor! Here is the entrance hall to Butler:

And here is the Butler lounge. Sadly, our brand new pool table and ping pong table were destroyed. BUT we will be getting a new plasma TV! :-)

Finally, I happen to live near the owner of our PJs stores (he owns the one near my house in Covington). He tells me that while the Willow PJs has been gutted Stern (below) is fine and that both will be up and running by the time we all get back on campus. None to soon! If students run on trips to The Boot and Dominoes faculty run on coffee from PJs.

Student Information

I am on campus at this moment, after a town hall meeting with students who are checking on their belongings. One point that came up is that many students (and parents) are finding it hard to get around the Tulane website. Understandable. ;-) So here is my bit to help:

All the student information is here. On the left hand side you will see a table of contents. Be sure to make your way down through all the topics. There are some important online forms for you to fill out, if you haven't already (housing, student organizations, etc.)

Registrar: The Registrar's site is here (which is the old address and should not change in the future). This site has all the info you need about registering for classes, checking schedules, school calendar, etc.

I hope this helps, even if only a little.

Thesis Schedule for One Semester and Two Semester Thesis

The schedules for completing your thesis this Spring are now available. You can download the One-Semester Thesis schedule in Word doc directly here (right-click, or cmd-click and save file to your computer and open in it Word). You can download the Spring & Lagniappe Thesis schedule here. Same routine.

You should review all of the requirements from graduating with University Honors here.

Remember: If the Tulane site is down the Honors site is mirrored at http://tulanehonors.org/.

Registration Reminders

Just a couple of quick reminders.

  • Seniors doing a thesis will register for 500H in their majors department once they have returned to campus.

  • There are fewer H classes being offered this semester so be sure to use the Honors Option which will allow any course to become an Honors course. (This semester, any course is eligible! Even below the 300 level.)

    I will be on the road the next two weeks. I will be at Berkeley on Monday to visit with Tulane students in the Bay Area (Monday 7-9pm in Room 105 of Boalt Hall) and then at my discipline's conference in Philly. I will have internet access for most of the time so please email me or IM (if you can catch me) with any questions you have. If you are really concerned, leave me your phone number and I will ring you back.

  • Friday, November 04, 2005

    Marshall Scholarship Interview

    Tulane Senior Jonathan Bakke, with a perfect 4.0 GPA, dual majors in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics and a minor in Business, was invited to interview for a Marshall Scholarship. This is a great honor! Jonathan, however, has declined the interview since he has determined that schools in the United States will offer him better graduate training and he did not want to keep another student from having the opportunity to interview for the Marshall Scholarship.

    This is the kind of integrity and honor that our students show! I am very proud of Jonathan not only for being granted an interview, but also in allowing another student the opportunity by removing himself from the process.

    Finally, this is a good example of why it is important to consider applying for grants and scholarships; it helps you to refine your goals and find the best programs in your discipline. As Jonathan studied the Cambridge graduate program and compared it with others such as MIT he realized that Cambridge simply wasn't the best fit for him.

    Congratulations Jonathan and continued success!