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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Transcripts - Good News!

This may be old news, but I just noticed it and many of you have been asking. You can now get transcripts. (This is another reason to keep visiting the Tulane website! :-)

Transcript Requests

Tulane University is now producing transcripts out of its temporary Houston home. The first priority will be to address those requests
which have come in since our systems were disrupted by Katrina. If you wish to request a transcript, please send a signed written
request to:

Tulane University
1700 West Loop South Suite 600
Houston, TX 77027

While we will try to fill all requests in a timely manner, please understand that our staff and facilities are both limited.


  • Is the tulane site working for some people? I've been receiving webmail, but I--and other tulane study abroad kids at regents in London--have been getting error messages for the last week for the tulane.edu and emergency.tulane.edu sites.

    By Anonymous Heather Frost, at 2:30 AM  

  • It should be working, but a colleague has had similar problems and suggest this story might explain the problem:


    The relevant bit:
    Since early Wednesday, Phil Bradham, the network engineer at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, has been cut off from the parts of the Internet he needs the most.
    He can't reach his Web hosting company to update his site. Critical e-mails aren't going through, and some aren't reaching him. He can't get to some important sites on the Net, such as the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia.

    The source of Bradham's difficulties is a feud between two big backbone Internet companies--the long-haul networks that most consumers and even most businesses ordinarily have little to do with. One of these companies, Level 3 Communications, has cut off direct communications with rival Cogent Communications, causing many of each company's customers to lose access to potentially significant swatches of the Net.

    By Blogger Cb, at 4:52 AM  

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