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Tulane Honors Program

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Priority Registration
Priority registration will be held on its originally scheduled dates, Nov. 9-18. TOUR will be available and that process will operate as usual. There will be no telephone registration process as that system is not available. Please continue to watch this website for individual registration dates and times.

UPDATE: Apparently you will be informed via email of your password. (Be sure to be checking your Tulane email! http://webmail.tulane.edu/)


  • It's good to know when registration will begin, but when will the schedule of courses for the Spring '06 semester be available so we can actually plan a schedule for it?

    By Anonymous Jacque Peacock, at 9:09 AM  

  • do all honors students get priority registration? I did not get it during the fall semester and it would of really helped. So, Im just curious as to whether it is available to me now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:23 PM  

  • Honors students do not get priority per se. Students are granted priority by number of credits earned and because H students usually have more credits than non-H students they are in that sense given priority.

    By Blogger Cb, at 2:45 PM  

  • The courses should be up shortly (i.e., within the next week) but I cannot say for certain.

    By Blogger Cb, at 2:49 PM  

  • Are they going to mail our those papers with your TOUR password on them like they usually do before registration?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:51 PM  

  • I am working on getting an answer to the question about mailing your TOUR password...

    By Blogger Cb, at 10:06 AM  

  • i am a freshmen, so do i have any chance of priority registration or no?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:56 PM  

  • Freshmen have priority for freshmen only classes. We have one or two Honors courses (e.g., Photography) that are Honors and Freshmen only, but the classes are limited to only 20 students, since they are H courses.

    By Blogger Cb, at 5:47 PM  

  • What's the status for Honors Students who are freshmen and won't be signing up for an official Honors course this year? I may be wrong, but I thought that one of the requirements for maintaining honors status is taking at least one honors course per semester. Obviously, at the visiting school we weren't given that opportunity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 PM  

  • Thank you Anon for asking the question. Let me remind everyone that we do not require anyone to take an Honors course every semester. We DO recommend it, but we do not require it. All you must do to retain your status is to achieve a 3.45 or higher while at Tulane (this fall semester will not count against you!).

    By Blogger Cb, at 5:15 AM  

  • When is TIDES registration for spring semester?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:24 AM  

  • TIDEs registration will be with the usual course registration.

    By Blogger Cb, at 9:21 AM  

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