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Tulane Honors Program

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rebuilding New Orleans - One Student at a Time

In Dr. Cowen's post he commented on something that I hadn't thought of: our very presence, especially yours as students and, let's be hones, consumers, will help NO rebound and rebuild.
Just as Tulane has changed, so has the City of New Orleans. As I have said previously, the recovery process for our city is going to be difficult. However, with this challenge is the opportunity to obtain a first-class education while helping to rebuild one of the world's most unique cities. When the university begins classes on January 17, thousands of our students will begin contributing to the rebirth of New Orleans, simply by being there.

What NO needs as much as anything is an infusion of funds. Businesses cannot start up again unless there are people to buy their goods, etc. So, one more reason to come back to Tulane! (Not that you needed another, I am sure! ;-)

Honors Efforts: I do not have details yet, but I did want to let the Honors community know that we will be coordinating projects for our Honors students (and others) to participate in the rebuilding of the community and city. Stay tuned!


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