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Tulane Honors Program

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Key Information: Thesis, Pre-Med/Law, JYA, and Colleges

I thought it would be good for me to put together links to previous posts with some key information. As details come out regarding scheduling for next semester I will post more on Honors courses and options as well.

Senior Thesis information:
Register Your Thesis Here
(Please reregister your thesis, even if you used the earlier form! It will only take a minute and this new form will give me yuor information in a much more usable format. Many thanks!)

Information regarding the Thesis is here

Kathleen Maier, our pre-med advisor, is now available online at kmmaier@cox.net.

Sig Bonner is now available at Sig Bonner sigbonner@gmail.com or sbonner@tulane.edu.

Dr. Mary Clark, the Director of our Center for International Studies, is currently visiting at LSU. If you have any questions regarding Junior Year Abroad feel free to email her at marygaz1@yahoo.com.

Information regarding the LAS Spring Schedule is here
A listing of faculty contact information is here and department Chairs are here

Advising links are here


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