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Tulane Honors Program

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tulane Student Blog

This is a blog from one of our students. His words are his own, but are powerful. As are the pictures at the site, and they were takenbefore the flood.

Don't Transfer!!
I'm too tired to be persuasive, so I'm just gonna speak from the heart. Being in my fourth year at Tulane, I have developed a special relationship with both the school and the city. Even without a big time sports team, I have as much pride for Tulane as does a fan of UT or Michigan. The reason I picked Tulane when I was a freshmen is because I felt that they would go out of their way to give me the best experience they could provide. And they did. While I knew I'd be paying out the ass for school, I felt that I was getting my money's worth. Tulane will bounce back and fulfill this same promise. In fact, they will do everything in their power to make up for the terrible events that transpired. I bet there's a fantastic party right when we get back.

Tulane needs us. If too many us of transfer, they'll lose tons of money and it will bring them down, significantly. If anything, we could do a little good in life. We can help them recruit a class next year, or we can just hang tight until we get more news on relief efforts. If you must go, then you must go. But those of you that stay it wont just be for yourself, you'll be doing Tulane a great favor.

I hear about Freshmen trying to transfer, and I'm sure some will. But let me just urge to not to. Let me urge you to wait it out a semester, take classes somewhere else, or find a cool job around home. Life is full of expected situations, but go with your gut on this one. If you feel the love from Tulane that I felt when I was an incoming freshmen, then give it a chance.

Let me make you a promise, if Tulane isn't a life-changing experience, I'll buy you a drink at the Boot.


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