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Tulane Honors Program

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Support & Solidarity from our Colleagues in NL

A wonderful email I received from the NL:

Dear Honors-colleagues, dear professor Brady,

With horror we have witnessed from a distance the disaster that has struck New Orleans and the N.O. area. More so, since we have been guests at the NCHC conference 2004 in New Orleans and have visited your programs and colleges in connection with our attendance of the conference. We have admired your programs and offices, being all -differences notwithstandig- such stimulating and challenging environments within your universities. Especially the fact that you all seemed to have succeeded in creating a honours community has inspired us much.

Knowing some of you and your work, it is very sad for us to realise how your work and your environment might suffer from the present catastrophy.

First of all, we would like to express our deepest sympathies with you and your staff and students! We do seriously hope that you will not have to mourn over lost lives. Without these, however, we realise that for many of you, your students and your universities it will take much time, effort and resources before you can take up your normal lives again - if that is possible at all.

If there is anything that we can do for you or your program or students, please let us know. Although we are long-distance colleagues and our universities and programs may differ a lot, perhaps we can be of any use. At least we will do our best to see whether we can meet some need that you may have, or try to find someone or some institute that may better be able to meet this need.

Do not hesitate to put forward a request in these times.

Meanwhile, we would like to express again our sympathy and to wish you strength and luck in these hard times!

Kind regards,

Maaike van Leijen (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, UvA)
Marca Wolfensberger (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, UvA & Dept. of Geography, Utrecht University)
Jan Bergstra (Dept. of Informatics, UvA)
Machiel Keestra (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, UvA)
Albert Pilot (Interdepartmental Institute for Teacher's Education, Utrecht University)
Gerard van Wissen (Dept. of Law, UvA)
Andre Schram (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, UvA)

Honoursprograms of the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University, the Netherlands.


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