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Tulane Honors Program

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I admit it, I love Bruff

Call me odd, call me crazy, but if it is lunch time you will need to call Bruff in order to find me. I love Bruff food. I do. Now many will argue that it is institutional (true), less than healthy (not true!), and boring (maybe), but it is so much more. First and foremost, I am not cooking it. This isn't as important now as when I was a student. I stayed on meal plan my entire time as an undergraduate and my folks probably saved money on it since I regularly ate three plates of manicotti. Ramen noodles may be cheap, but they are not the healthiest option. Today I am an adult, well, I am at least a grownup, and I have to make my own lunches. So bonus points to Bruff for ease of use. Pick up tray, ask politely for the gumbo with corn bread, say thank you, and you are on your way to a very good meal.

Second, the food is very good. Really, it is! True, it is a pretty consistent pattern: red beans and rice on Mondays, Tuesday through Thursday a blur, and gumbo and catfish on Fridays. (Tip to those trying to keep kosher: Catfish is not. It has no scales, therefore it is tref.) So it is true one can become bored with the pattern but it is all usually very tasty and well made. And of course one is not limited to the "traditional" entree. They have Sbarro pizza, burgers and fries, vegan wraps, stir-fry, burgers and fries, salad bar, sandwiches, soup, and did I mention burgers and fries? :-) Here is an inside scoop; the "special sauce" is ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together. And this is just lunch, the only meal I eat there. But even at lunch, since this is often the first meal of the day for many on campus, there are cereals, bagels, and a waffle making machine. Try a waffle with some soft yoghurt on top for desert. Yum!

Finally, I am a social creature. I actually enjoy being with our students and I find that time in Bruff is often better for meeting with students than office hours. "Brady at Bruff' I call, not being entirely clever and witty, and I encourage any and everyone to stop by at lunch and chat. Don't let the newspaper or book fool you, I am always ready for some good conversation.

So welcome (back) to Tulane and bon app├ętit!


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