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Friday, August 26, 2005

For the parents: I'm Setting You Free (But I'm Not Letting You Go)

I came across this song today. I thought the lyrics might bring a tear to many a parent's eye this weekend.
I'm setting you free
but I'm not letting you
I'm watching you fly away
but keeping you close
I can't help but cry a little
Heaven knows
I'm setting you free
but I'm not letting you

Though Mom says I spoil you
Please come home real often
often and soon
Would you think of us as foolish
if we do some pretending
by leaving your light on
here in your room?

Drive slow on the freeways
call first thing when you get there
You know me, how I worry
I'll be up most the night
and if you need anything, baby
you know we'll both be here
In the meantime we're praying
that your future is bright


Wheres that princess in a party dress?
now shes a young lady with dreams
fly away butterfly
on the wind, taking wings
The first time that I held you child
you forever changed my soul
and I'm holding you now
because I want you to know



  • You did make me cry! We parents need to relax, I know I do. As I told my son, this time next week you'll be ready to start classes somewhere. It's not Tulane but you can make it a truly wonderful experience. Ride the Wave! You will be back in New Orleans and Tulane and you'll make it a better place.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:01 PM  

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