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Tulane Honors Program

Monday, April 18, 2005

College Arms

This is entirely irrelevant to Tulane Honors Program, but I just learned that my Oxford college was finally granted a coat of arms. St. Cross College was established in 1965 (along with Iffley College, now named Wolfson College) to house graduate students. I confess when I was first admitted I was somewhat disapointed, I had hoped to be in one of the older, "grander" colleges such as Christ Church. But being a grad only college had its perks, such as a 3 course lunch. :-) St. Cross is also right next to the Oriental Institute, where I did all my research, so following my impressive meal I would toddle back to my desk in the basement stacks and take a little snooze. All in all it was a very nice system.


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