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Tulane Honors Program

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tulane Merit Scholars 2004

From The Chronicle of Higher Education (sorry, the link is subscription only):

2004 Freshman Merit Scholars

This table shows the 97 colleges and universities enrolling 20 or more freshman Merit Scholars named in 2004, and the number of freshman Merit Scholars those institutions enrolled in 2003.

For the fall of 2004, the table shows the total number of Merit Scholarship winners and the number whose scholarships were paid for by the institution, not by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation or other corporate sponsors. The rankings were determined by The Chronicle from an alphabetical listing appearing in the 2003-4 annual report of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Over all, 8,258 freshman Merit Scholars were enrolled in the fall of 2004 -- 4,963 at 227 private colleges and universities and 3,295 at 148 public institutions.

Tulane comes in at a reasonable 35th, and in good company, I might add. (Of course, number one was Harvard with 312 scholars, none sponsored by the school.)


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