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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Who's been doodled?

This story is just too good to let pass:
Davos doodles seem to show writing's on the wall for Tony

AS WORLD leaders discussed international aid for Africa, Tony Blair scribbled notes and doodled. Unfortunately for him, after the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, his notes fell into the hands of a Emma Bache, a graphologist.

Her verdict: the Prime Minister’s surprisingly chaotic script indicates an aggressive, unstable man who is feeling under enormous pressure.

Wow! Damning stuff. This is unbelievable! But it turns out, they were not the PM's drawings. but were in fact those of Mr. Gates. Downing Street issued a report (I notice that Google news only brings up this report in Indian newspapers, no retraction, that I can find, in the Times, etc.). From The Telegraph of Calcutta

Instead, the aggressive, distracted incompetent analysed by experts was Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who could make a case for being the most successful businessman the world has known.

It went on: “We look forward with amusement to explanations by a variety of psychologists and graphologists of how various characteristics ascribed to the PM on the basis of the doodles, such as ‘struggling to concentrate’, ‘not a natural leader’, ‘struggling to keep control of a confusing world’ and ‘an unstable man who is feeling under enormous pressure’, equally apply to Mr Gates.”



  • I KNEW all that doodling was a sign of greatness...


    By Blogger Evan, at 4:22 PM  

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