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Friday, February 04, 2005

NYT > New-SAT Takers: Confused Yet?

For our current and even this year's prospective students this is not a large concern, but the new SATs are coming... This NYT article gives some details and discussion about it:
The bare-bones facts are these: What used to be a two-part, three-hour ordeal, half math, half verbal, will now require students to spend 45 more minutes completing an extra writing section. The new section will consist of three parts - one an essay, the other two multiple-choice grammar and sentence-completion questions.

In addition, the math and verbal sections are undergoing changes. The math will for the first time include questions on advanced algebra. The chief difference in the verbal will be the absence of multiple-choice analogies ('curd is to cheese as slurry is to ...').
For more info go straight to the source: Princeton Review - The New SAT


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