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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

NPR : College Freshmen Face Growing Debt

A survey conducted by researchers at UCLA finds that this year's college freshmen are working more -- and taking on more debt -- than those in years past. NPR's Elaine Korry reports.
This is a real challenge for students and their parents. The hard reality is that education is now a commodity. You have to determine if the Tulane education is worth the difference in tuition that you might pay at LSU. The answer for each student will be different. I certainly believe that the Tulane education and experience is very valuable! But we do not provide all things for all people.

Fundamental message: Debt is a serious burden and students must consider carefully all the options before signing their name to the forms. (Parents too!)

Update: Evan, in his comments, reminds us that Tulane is indeed a top-tier institution with significant scholarships available for many students (full and half tuition). A LARGE majority of our students (I do not have the figures to hand) received significant funding. See the Admissions site for some statistics.
Through university-funded grants and scholarships, Tulane awarded $74 million in financial aid in 2003.


  • Tulane is one of those rare top-tier private unis which offer several full- and half-tuition scholarships. This propels debt-conscious students to consider Tulane, and to even choose Tulane over more prestigious but more expensive colleges.

    Question for consideration: is it worth it to go into debt for an undergrad degree, especially if one plans to go to grad/professional school anyway? Does it make sense for 22-yr-olds to hit the world saddled with $20,000-40,000 worth of debt? That seems a tall order.

    By Blogger Evan, at 3:11 PM  

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