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Tulane Honors Program

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Hullabaloo Online - Room on seventh floor of Butler up in flames, computer blamed

A computer was the source of a fire in room 704 of Butler Hall Friday.
Last Friday (the 11th) my family joined me for dinner at Chez Bruff and we saw the fire trucks pull up in front of Butler. Fortunately no one was hurt and Erica, Dan and the rest of the HR staff did a brilliant job.

According to Ally Helperin, a Newcomb College freshman living on the seventh floor of Butler, “right after it happened, Erica, the area director, ordered pizza for everyone cause we were out of Butler and then on Sunday night she ordered Semolina’s for us. She was like I’m really sorry, she was trying her best, I mean they did everything they were supposed to do. They handled it the best they could in the situation; they did a great job.”

(And the new pool table is fine and lookin' good! ;-)


  • Wow! A new pool table? Had last year's Butlerites known that by breaking the table, we'd get a new one with new cues, we wouldn't have been fixing it with duct tape all the time - we'd have taken a chainsaw to it! Oh fate, why do this year's honors freshman get a good pool table?? Did we not deserve one? :-D

    By Anonymous Aimee Custis, at 6:08 PM  

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