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Monday, January 24, 2005

Google Search: defensing football

I do not usually get into snits over language, but "verbing" nouns really gets up my nose. I am also a sports fan and while I recognize that verbal creativity is a joyful part of the experience (may Dr. Samuel Johnson bless Yogi Berra!), the use of "defense" as a verb is starting to get on my nerves. "Pittsburgh is going to have a tough time defensing New England and Tom Brady's arm." I must have heard this verbal use of "defense" at least 5 times during the playoffs this weekend AND I only got to watch about 15 minutes of each game!

Oh, one more: "efforting." This is, I believe a new show-biz phenomenon. I primarily hear it when listening to ESPN Radio. Dan Patrick: "Showkiller, did you get Steinbrenner on the phone yet?" Phil the Showkiller: "Not yet. I am efforting to get him." Like nails on a chalkboard.

UPDATE: Once again Dilbert contributes to our discussion.

UPDATE #2: Ed Cook, a far better linguist than I will ever be, has commented on my rant at his blog.


  • "Analysize" is another one I hear a lot, as in "when you analysize the play, you'll find that...". But you sure enough will not. Why? Because it isn't a real action, sorry. There's a perfectly good verb, people - use it!

    By Blogger Katie, at 6:09 PM  

  • There's a terrific Dilbert where the Pointy-Haired Boss comes up to Alice and asks her to task someone with something. She flies into a fit of rage, screaming: 'TASK IS NOT A VERB! MY WORLD IS FALLING APART!!!' The final panel shows the Boss reminding himself to ask her to timeline her project the next day.

    By Blogger Evan, at 12:15 PM  

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